How to package the Shock Absorber?

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    GDST Auto Parts specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of shock absorbers with 20 years of experience and has since grown to become a leading supplier of auto parts in China. We use advanced production equipment and technology to ensure the quality of our products, and we also have a strict quality control system to ensure that each product meets international standards. What’s more, GDST Auto Parts is not only a shock absorber manufacturer, but also has a dedicated sales team that works to establish long-term relationships with customers, and we have a solid reputation for timely delivery and excellent after-sales service. Overall your satisfaction is our pursuit.

    Shock Absorber Manufacturer

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    Inner paper box options for shock absorbers

    Our paper boxes are strong and durable, it is quite sturdy and able to protect shock absorbers inside. Now we have two boxes for you to choose from as below:

    1. Color box by GDST shock absorber manufacturer

    GDST shock absorber manufacturer

    This is our GDST color box for front shock absorbers and rear shock absorbers. If you are interested in promoting our GDST brand, we are so glad to offer you authorization for our GDST brand and invite you to become our distributor in your country.

    2. Neutral box for shock absorbers

    front shock absorber

    This is our neutral color box for shock absorbers. But if you don’t have your own brand yet and are not very interested in our GDST brand, maybe this kind of neutral color box is your best choice for now.

    Package Process by shock absorber manufacturer

    1. Printing logo or KYB/OEM numbers on shock absorbers: Lasering & Casting

    Laser marking and casting are two different processes used in manufacturing and production. However, the main difference between the two is that laser marking is a surface treatment process, while casting is a manufacturing process used to create 3D shapes.

    shock absorber 882458
    Shock absorbers print part numbers by laser marking
    334004 shock absorbers
    Shock absorber print logo and KYB number by casting

    Usually, our factory prints the logo name, OEM number, and production date by casting on the surface of the products. However, it can be customized and we can print what you want to display according to your requirements.

    2. Shock absorber color box with label sticker

    GDST Shock absorber brand

    KYB: 344269 shock absorber fit for Ford. It is easy to know the item and the OE number if sticking a label on color boxes. And supporting customization.

    3. Master carton with shipping mark and side mark

    shcok absorber manufacturer

    Generally, the shipping mark is your company abbreviation and carton numbers; and the side mark is the product name, the OE code, G.W, N.W, QTY, and carton size. Additionally, supporting customization.

    4. Plastic woven bag for shock absorbers

    shock absorber with platsic woven bag

    5. Fumigation-free pallets

    shock absorbers with pallet

    As we all know, fumigation-free pallets have the advantages of no fumigation, disinfection, no signature, convenient import and export, high-pressure resistance, high weight performance, good waterproof performance, simple production process, low cost, and strong adaptability. So our export trays are fumigation-free trays regularly.

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