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GDST manufacture a wide range of twin-tube shock absorbers and monotube shock absorbers in various sizes, mounting configurations, spring rates, and valve options, all of which can be adjusted to suit your application. Our extensive product range enables you to select the ideal product to provide optimum performance for you and your customers.

Our shock absorbers are of the same quality as K.Y.B and O.E.M, all are shock and strut manufacturers in the world. A leader in shock absorbers technology for more than 20 years, we produce more than 4000 models. GDST is building its South American reputation on this tradition of consistent quality, advanced technology, and competitive price.

GDST Shock Absorbers are uniquely designed for smooth performance, durability, and driving stability in all weather conditions. Each shock absorber is nitrogen charged to eliminate aeration which improves driving and handling performance. GDST’s Twin Tube Design includes nitrogen gas charging to keep the shock absorber cooler and to extend its service life. A sturdy aluminum alloy piston and high-quality oil seal add to the overall durability.



20 Years Experiece

We have been engaged in the auto parts industry for over 20 years.


4000+ Models

Applicable to Japanese and Korean cars, European and American cars.


OEM/ODM Customized

Laser printing, package method, etc can be all customized.


1 Year/30000KMS Warranty

One Year Warranty and long lifetime service for customers.

How To Produce?

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High Precise

Advanced Equipments
High Precisin CNC
OEM Quality Standard

100% Tested

Strict Quality Management
Multiple Testing During Production
And Before Delivery

GDST Shock Absorber Features

GDST has always been committed to providing continuous value to its customers. To this end, it has adopted and pioneered some of the industry’s most innovative technologies and applied them to research and development, training, testing, and manufacturing.

  • Apply tuning techniques
  • Nitrogen pressurization to eliminate blistering and cavitation
  • The quality meet O.E performance
  • Most shock absorbers have 1-3/16″ bore to improve ride and safety
  • Smooth chrome plated piston rod
  • Available for passenger car, SUV, and light truck
  • Seamless working cylinders, mounts and sleeves
  • High-performance hydraulic oil for all-weather conditions

Types of Shock Absorbers

There are two types of shock absorbers for vehicles: the twin-tube shock absorber and the mono-tube shock absorber in the GDST shock absorber factory. There may be some variations between shock absorber models depending on the vehicle type. However, any shock absorber will either be a twin tube or a mono-tube.

Twin-tube Shock Absorbers

twin tube absorber

Twin Tube Absorber

1. Seal/Guide Assembly

2. Gas Compartment

3. Equalizing Chamber

4. Absorber Tube

5. Guide/Outer Tube

6. Piston Rod

7. Piston

8. Bottom Value

twin tube strut

Twin Tube Strut

1. Seal/Guide Assembly

2. Gas Compartment

3. Outer Tube

4. Equalizing Chamber

5. Rebound Stop Spring

6. Absorber Tube

7. Piston

8. Bottom Value

A twin-tube shock absorber could also be referred to as a two-tube shock absorber. This is because it contains two cylindrical tubes. The inner tube, called the working tube or pressure tube, creates the hydraulic pressure most. There is, however, an outer tube called the reserve tube. The reserve tube will function when the velocity of impact is high, and there is a need for high pressure.

Mono-tube Shock Absorbers

mono tube absorber

Mono-Tube Absorber

1. Piston Rod Guide

2. Absorber Tube

3. Piston Rod

4. Rebound Stop

5. Working Piston

6. Dividing Piston

7. Gas Compartment

inverted mono tube strut

Inverted Mono-Tube Strut

1. Gas Compartment

2. Dividing Piston

3. Threaded Ring

4. Sliding Bearing

5. Stanchion Tube

6. Grease

7. Working Piston

8. Sliding Bearing

9. Piston Rod

10. Absorber Tube

11. Rod Guide

12. Bump Stop

The mono-tube shock absorber is an advanced invention. This has only one tube – the pressure tube. However, it has two pistons. The working piston and the dividing or floating piston move in synchrony to cause hydraulic pressure. Mono-tube shock absorbers generally tend to be more efficient. They will, however, not fit into vehicles designed for twin-tube shock absorbers.
When it comes to production material, rubber shock absorbers are the most common. Essentially, they are very durable, have high elasticity, and eliminate vibration readily. They also withstand shock more and offer sound insulation. Rubber shock absorbers are also better dampers. Nevertheless, there are shock absorbers made from metal.

Comparative Analysis of Component Quality

shock absorber component
  1. Stamping Parts
  2. Pipe Fittings
  3. Oil
  4. Oil Seal
  5. The Guide Assembly
  6. Buffer Ring
  7. Piston Bottom Valve and Fittings

1. Stamp Part - Material

High Quality


GDST: Original cold rolled coils from Bao Steel or Benxi Steel



Other factory: Unknown

Notice: The thin stamping part material is easy to cause the product deformation and the joint loosening, which seriously affects the driving safety.

2. Pipe Fittings - Working Cylinder

High Quality


Working Cylinder of GDST: 

Hot coiled cold-rolled welded drawn tube from Benxi Steel Group or Meishan Steel



Working Cylinder of other factory: 

Welded Rolled Pipe

Pipe Fittings - Out Pipe

High Quality

2 1

Outer Pipe of GDST:

Hot coil Q235B/SAE1022 welded pipe from Bao Steel or Benxi Steel


2 2

Outer Pipe of other factory:

Band steel from small factory

Notice: The tube billet produced by small factory is easy to cause mechanical accidents such as cracking, bending, deformation and so on because of unstable material elements and unstable welding process.

3. Oil of Shock Absorbers

High Quality

oil 1

Oil seal of GDST: NOK/NAK/RFX


oil 2

Oil seal of other factory: unknown

Notice:  Inferior shock absorber oil is easy to deteriorate. The viscosity varies greatly at high and low temperatures, resulting in a great difference in the shock absorption effect between high temperature and low temperature. Inferior oil is easy to have a short service life and is easy to produce abnormal noise.

4. Oil Seal

High Quality

oil seal




Oil of other factory: unknown

Notice: The oil seal of non-big-brand factory is easy to cause early oil leakage, gas leakage, short service life,abnormal noise and so on.

5. The Guide Assembly

guide bushing

High Quality

Guide Bushing of GDST: Red Abrasion Resistant Teflon

Guide of GDST: Iron Powder Metallurgy, One-time Forming


Guide Bushing of other factory: Black Ordinary Teflon

Guide of other factory: Iron-base Powder Metallurgy, Pressing Molding, and Machining.

Notice:  It is easy to deform and crack when the strength of the inferior guide is not enough.  The inner surface of the inferior guide bushing is more likely to wear out and causes early product failure.

6. Buffer Ring

buffer ring

High Quality

Buffer Ring of GDST: NBR


Buffer Ring of other Factory: Plastic

Notice: The plastic buffer ring is not resistant to oil and fragile after impact, the impact sound is heavy, and does not act as a buffer.

7. Piston Bottom Valve and Fittings

piston bottom valve

High Quality

GDST: Powder Metallurgy & Auto-Screwdriving Machine 


other Factory: The iron plate is easy to rust, resulting in oil deterioration and valve rust death, resulting in premature failure of the product and unstable force value.

Hot Selling Shock Absorber

We can do more than 4000 models, however if you have sample, we can also do customized products.

332154 (11)


333258 (11)


333414 (13)


333494 (9)


334094 (13)


334235 334236 (9)

334235 334236

341194 (9)


343312 (11)


Description Of Shock Absorbers

4000+ Models Widely Application

We can do more than 4000+ Models which meets the needs of most car models. However for those models that we don’t have, if the customer can provide samples, we can develop them and try our best to meet the customer’s needs.

detail 1
detail 2

High Quality Materials

Based on the standard of original parts, our products are made of high quality materials and manufactured by advanced equipment, and can be installed in situ directly after purchase by the customer without any modification.

Laser Printing

Usually we will print logo name, products OEM number, production date on the surface of the products. However it can be customized, we can print what customers want to display according to their needs.

detail 3
detail 4

Color box Package

These are our GDST shock absorber color boxes, which is famous in some of our customers’ market, and we can also do our customers’ customized color box package, even design new box for them.

Sold to 80+ Countries

Our products have been sold to all over the world, including Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia, Africa, etc. Our GDST brand has also received good praise from many customers.

Client Feedback

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