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Drag/Center Link Factory

GDST manufactures suspension parts center link for Japanese, American, European, Korean vehicles and including heavy light and medium-duty & heavy trucks. GDST has a wide range of products, like ball joints, tie rod ends, stabilizer links, rack ends, idler arms, pitman arms, inner arm shaft kits, and side rods. And we have the ability to develop new products while meeting customers’ customized needs. At the same time, our product quality can stand the test of the market.

From the mold design, processing, stamping, forging, cutting, drilling, welding, quality control, product assembly to finished product packaging, each process affects the quality of the product, and GDST strives to improve its quality and efficiency by standardizing the production process.

We consider that the products are suitable for all kinds of harsh weather conditions and road conditions. Through global customers feedback, we collect environmental data on local roads. R&D products are strictly measured and calculated, materials are strictly checked, and the manufacturing process is constantly pursuing better construction methods. Provide reliable products.

If you are looking for a professional center link supplier, please stay here for a while, and look at GDST – your reliable center link manufacturer!

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High Quality Center Link

  • Utilizing GDST-engineered forged steel composition leads to a more robust component.
  • The design of powdered-metal gusher bearings facilitates the smooth flow of grease from the bearing to the stud, resulting in reduced friction and improved strength and stability.
  • The patented pressed-in cover plate design offers tighter tolerances compared to conventional cover plate designs, enhancing the durability and longevity of the component.
  • The greaseable socket design enables the introduction of fresh lubricant to flush out contaminants from the assembly, effectively reducing corrosion and wear.


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20 Years Experiece

We have been engaged in the auto parts industry for over 20 years.


8000+ Models

Applicable to Japanese and Korean cars, European and American cars.


OEM/ODM Customized

Laser printing, package method, etc can be all customized.


1 Year/30000KMS Warranty

One Year Warranty and long lifetime service for customers.

How To Produce?

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High Precise

Advanced Equipments
High Precisin CNC
OEM Quality Standard

100% Tested

Strict Quality Management
Multiple Testing During Production
And Before Delivery

Hot Selling Products

We can do more than 8000 models, however if you have sample, we can also do customized products.

48560 03w00 (1)


48560 3s185 (2)


48560 09g25 (1)


48560 f4010 (1)


8 97170 160 1




48560 3s525


48900 70a60


Description Of Center Links

8000+ Models Widely Application

We can do more than 8000+ Models which meets the needs of most car models. However for those models that we don’t have, if the customer can provide samples, we can develop them and try our best to meet the customer’s needs.

detail 1
detail 2

High Quality Materials

Based on the standard of original parts, our products are made of high quality materials and manufactured by advanced equipment, and can be installed in situ directly after purchase by the customer without any modification.

Laser Printing

Usually we will print logo name, products OEM number, production date on the surface of the products. However it can be customized, we can print what customers want to display according to their needs.

detail 3
detail 4

Color box Package

These are our GDST suspension color boxes, which is famous in some of our customers’ market, and we can also do our customers’ customized color box package, even design new box for them.

Sold to 80+ Countries

Our products have been sold to all over the world, including Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia, Africa, etc. Our GDST brand has also received good praise from many customers.

Client Feedback

suspension feedback 2
suspension feedback 1
suspension feedback 3

Recommend Products

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