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Tie Rod End Manufacturer From China

With 20 years of experience, the GDST tie rod end manufacturer has a wide range of applications, and covers 90% of car models, like Japanese, Korean, European, and American vehicles.

All meet OE quality. In addition to using the highest quality materials,  we strictly control quality during the production process: rigorous testing for strength, corrosion resistance, and brittleness.

Tie Rod End Manufacturer

GDST Tie Rod End Manufacturer supplies steering tie rod ends for Japanese, American, European, and Korean vehicles and includes heavy light and medium-duty & heavy trucks. GDST has a comprehensive range of suspension and steering products: ball joints, tie rod ends, stabilizer links, rack ends, center links, idler arms, pitman arms, inner arm shaft kits, side rods, control arms, shock absorbers, bushings, strut mounts, and engine mounts. And we also can develop new products to meet customers’ needs. At the same time, our product quality can stand the test of the market.

Designed with precision and engineered for durability, GDST tie rod ends are crafted to withstand the rigors of everyday driving conditions. They are built using high-quality materials that offer resistance to wear, corrosion, and impact, ensuring a prolonged lifespan and consistent performance over time. The advanced design also contributes to reduced friction, promoting smooth articulation and contributing to the overall ease of steering.

At GDST, product information comes from the technology department, all products have drawings to avoid some mistakes. Meanwhile, If you have drawings (2D or 3D), We will provide product technical support and according to the drawings produce it and make sure all the dimensions are correct.

The trustworthy tie rod end supplier stays steady not only in delivering products but also in how they make them. They follow consistent processes, ensure stable quality checks, and use standardized inspection methods. This ensures that every tie rod end they produce is of the same high quality, without any occasional bad ones or batches.

If you are looking for tie rod end manufacturers everywhere, please stay here for a while, and look at GDST – your reliable tie rod end manufacturer

Tie Rod Ends for Trucks

Tie Rod End for Heavy-duty Trucks, Medium-duty Trucks, and Light-duty Trucks, covers a wide range of trucks brands: DAF, IVECO, BENZ, MAN, SCANIA, VOLVO, RENAULT

000 330 2735

000 330 2735

A 24×1.5
F 14×1.5
W:0.8 KGS
L: 160MM

000 330 8535

000 330 8535

A 24×1.5
F 16×1.5
W:0.67 KGS
L: 95MM

000 330 9435

000 330 9435

A 28×1.5
F 18×1.5
W:0.9 KGS
L: 110MM

000 460 3548

000 460 3548

A 30×1.5
F 24×1.5
W:1.8 KGS
L: 120MM

302 330 0335

302 330 0335

A 30×1.5
F 20×1.5
W:1.5 KGS
L: 115MM



Length: 284 mm
Tube Ø : 36 mm
W: 3.3 KGS



Length: 608 mm
Tube Ø : 42 mm
W: 5.8 KGS



Length: 150 mm
Tube Ø : 25 mm
W: 2.5 KGS

Tie Rod Ends for Cars

GDST has more than 8000 models for Japanese, American, European, and Korean vehicles, we can also do customized products.

1k0 423 811e (1)


377 419 811 (3)


1011857 (2)


56820 0x000 (1)


1116012 (3)


1116025 (1)


48520 ew00af (3)


48520 q5801 (2)


Factory View

GDST Auto Parts founded in 2002, specializes in the research and development, production, and sales of auto suspension parts.
Covering a total floor area of about 69,000 square meters and a total construction area of 90,000 square meters.
GDST has developed and produced more than 10,000 models of suspension parts.
Its monthly capacity reaches 1100,000 pieces of suspension parts.
gdst tie rod end manufacturer

High Performance Tie Rod Ends

GDST tie rod ends are made from high-strength forged steel which makes them capable of holding up to demanding loads.

GDST tie rod end manufacturer offers:

  • Tie rod ends from GDST also feature a protective coating to resist the corrosive nature of rust, fuels, and many other substances.
  • To further increase the lifespan, the rod ends come with dust boots to prevent contamination.
  • The boots are made of polyurethane to resist the cracking and splitting caused by harsh environments and eliminate dust and water from entering the ball joint, improving the reliability and lifespan of the part.
  • The threads come pre-lubricated to make installation easier and adjustments hassle-free.
  • Manufactured using forged or cold-formed steel.
  • Low-friction plastic bearings that enhance damping and reliability. Original Equipment quality hardware installation accessories.

Description Of Tie Rod Ends

8000+ Models Widely Application

We can do more than 8000+ Models which meets the needs of most car models. However for those models that we don’t have, if the customer can provide samples, we can develop them and try our best to meet the customer’s needs.
detai 1
detail 2

High Quality Materials

Based on the standard of original parts, our products are made of high quality materials and manufactured by advanced equipment, and can be installed in situ directly after purchase by the customer without any modification.

Laser Printing

Usually we will print logo name, products OEM number, production date on the surface of the products. However it can be customized, we can print what customers want to display according to their needs.

detai 3
detail 4

Color box Package

These are our GDST suspension color boxes, which is famous in some of our customers’ market, and we can also do our customers’ customized color box package, even design new box for them.

GDST Auto Parts

Recommend Products

With 20 years of production experience, GDST has a comprehensive range of suspension products:
ball joints, tie rod ends, stabilizer links, rack ends, center links, idler arms, pitman arms, inner arm shaft kits, and side rods.
Welcome to inquiry and place orders!

Rack End

Stabilizer Link

Ball Joint

Center Link

Tie Rod Assy

Pitman Arm

Idler Arm

Inner Arm Shaft Kit

Control Arm


Strut Mount

Engine Mount

Sold to 80+ Countries

Our products have been sold to all over the world, including Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia, Africa, etc. Our GDST brand has also received good praise from many customers.

Client Feedback

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2023 Exhibition Show

GDST has always been dedicated to providing high-quality automotive parts for car owners worldwide. We strive tirelessly to participate in various exhibitions across different countries, actively promoting our exceptional products. Our ever-expanding international presence allows us to span the globe, offering seamless one-stop services to our valued customers. Our mission is to continually exceed expectations, delivering top-notch solutions to automotive owners, ensuring their driving experiences remain at the highest level.

canton fair

Spring Canton Fair

Booth No.: 8.0D25
Date: 15th-19th, Apr

inapa 2023

INAPA Indonesia

Booth No.: A6C2-12
Date: 24th-26th, May

automechanika mexico

Automechanika Mexico

Booth No.: 1624
Date: 12th-14th, July


Automechanika Dubai

Booth No.: Z3-C37
Date: 2nd-4th, Oct


Auto Aftermarket Guangzhou

Booth No.: 3D22
Date: 11th-13th, Oct


Autumn Canton Fair

Booth No.: Pending
Date: 15th-19th, Oct



Booth No.: Pending
Date: 20th-22th, Oct



Booth No.: 10132
Date: 31th-2nd, Nov


Automechanika Shanghai

Booth No.: 6.1M52
Date: 29th-2nd, Dec

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