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    Finding reliable steering rack manufacturers online is difficult because you can’t easily tell who is really good.

    Unless you can look up information about each manufacturer, it’s hard to determine which one you can trust just by looking at their website or online store.

    If you don’t want to get ripped off and want to buy something safe for yourself, then read this post now!

    TRW Aftermarket

    TRW is one of the world’s Top 10 auto parts suppliers with a hundred-year history, and its products are widely used in the world’s major automobile brands.

    It provides safer and more reliable auto parts for the global automotive market.

    TRW’s extensive product line includes steering systems, suspension systems, steering wheel systems, inflation suppression systems, seat belt systems, and wireless electronics.

    The steering rack is a key product of TRW’s steering systems, TRW conducts many tests at every stage of production to control quality and ensure that their steering products perform as they should, such as wear and tear testing, assembly technology testing, and road testing.

    For more information, you can browse TRW Web to know more!

    GDST Auto Parts

    GDST Auto Parts is a steering rack factory with 20 years of production and exporting experience in China. 

    GDST has more than 180 sets of CNC machining equipments and heat treatment equipments, the production capacity is around 200,000 sets per month, which can satisfy some customers who want to have quick delivery.

    GDST steering rack covers over 2000 models for Japanese, Korean, American, and European vehicles. And export to 80+ countries worldwide.

    With factory direct prices and high-quality steering racks, GDST is loved and sought after by our customers and has earned great popularity in the market.

    At GDST, you can find every suspension and steering part you need, you can check GDST website to learn more about their products or contact them directly.


    BORG Automotive

    BORG Automotive specializes in remanufacturing automotive parts and components, providing high-quality remanufactured parts for a wide range of common automotive models on the market, such as automotive generators, starters, air conditioning compressors, brake calipers, and more.

    In addition, the company has expanded to provide parts remanufacturing services for agricultural and construction machinery.

    BORG’s remanufactured steering racks maintain high quality at a lower cost than newly manufactured steering racks and are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

    If you are interested in remanufactured steering racks, you can check the BORG website to get more information.


    SPORTECH is a specialist supplier of power steering systems to the world’s leading motorsport and performance vehicles.

    They are made up of an international team of engineers and other specialists with over 20 years of experience in world-class motorsport.

    Their core business is motorsport, but they also service prototypes and specialty vehicles!

    SPORTECH designs and manufactures a wide range of manual and hydraulically powered steering racks in three main types:

    • OEM MODIFIED STEERING RACKS: suitable for Road, Autocross, FIA GT3, amateur rally, off-road, single-make series, and prototypes.
    • PROTOTYPE STEERING RACKS USING PARTS FROM OEM RACKS: suitable for Road, Autocross, FIA GT3, FIA R5 rally, FIA Cross country rally-Rally raid, Off-road, single-make series, and prototypes.
    • FULLY PROTOTYPE STEERING RACKS: suitable for FIA WRC rally, FIA RX rally cross, FIA WEC-GT-Les Mans, FIA Cross country rally-rally raid, single-make series, and prototypes

    If you have an interest in steering racks of motorsport and performance vehicles, check the SPORTECH website here.  

    Hitachi Astemo

    Hitachi Astemo is a global provider of solutions for the global automotive and motorcycle industries dedicated to selling quality aftermarket products to the aftermarket in the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Mexico.

    Hitachi Astemo steering racks are precision machined from high-quality components for reliable, leak-free.

    They also test their steering racks under extreme conditions to ensure the quality of their steering racks.

    Hitachi steering racks have received numerous positive reviews in the aftermarket. If you are interested in their products, you can browse the website of them.

    Sweet Manufacturing

    Sweet Manufacturing is a company that specializes in high-performance racing parts and is committed to providing the highest quality products to racers and automotive enthusiasts.

    The company adheres to the principle of “Quality First, Customer First” and continues to develop and improve its products to meet the ever-changing market demands.

    Sweet Manufacturing’s steering racks are made from high-quality raw materials and undergo rigorous quality control and testing during the production process, to ensure that they continue to perform under extreme conditions, and their products are widely used in high-performance racing and tuner cars.

    PWR Steer

    PWR Steer is a leading supplier of power steering systems, specializing in providing comprehensive power steering solutions for the automotive industry.

    It has a stable customer base that includes automobile manufacturers, automobile service stations, and individual vehicle owners.

    PWR Steer’s product line covers all aspects of power steering systems, including power steering pumps, gearboxes, and steering racks.

    All of their steering components like bushings, tie rods, and dust covers are of high quality and are 100% functionally tested before packaging to ensure that they are ready for use immediately after installation.

    PWR Steer has a strong reputation in the marketplace and is widely recognized for the quality and performance of its products.

    YAS Steering Gear

    YAS Steering Gear Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of automotive steering systems.

    It has advanced production facilities and equipment, including full-process production lines for die-casting, machining, heat treatment, assembly, and storage.

    YAS specializes in manufacturing and marketing a full line of Hydraulic and Electric Power Steering products.

    YAS steering racks apply in a wide range of automotive and specialty vehicles, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and new energy electric vehicles.

    YAS exports products to North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Oceania, and have a wide international market influence.

    General Ricambi

    General Ricambi is a comprehensive supplier of automotive parts and accessories, their products include driveshafts, universal joints, steering wheels, calipers, and power steering pumps.

    The company has distribution outlets in Italy and Spain and can export its products to over seventy countries worldwide.

    There are three types of steering racks they provide:

    • Power steering racks
    • Manual steering racks
    • Electronic steering racks

    If you have any need of these products, contact them directly.

    SAP Auto Parts

    SAP Auto Parts is a company specializing in automotive parts for engine parts, transmission systems, braking systems, and suspension systems.

    Features of SAP steering rack:

    • Use CNC machining and precision measurements to ensure that steering rack components are manufactured with high precision, enhancing steering sensitivity and reducing vibration and noise.
    • Select high-strength and corrosion-resistant alloy materials and rigorously heat-treated for better durability and fatigue resistance, adapting to various driving environments.
    • Comprehensive optimization of oil channels, seals, and mounting interfaces to enhance steering efficiency, reduce energy consumption and wear, and extend service life.
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