Strut Mount Manufacturers: The Best 10 in 2023

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    In the intricate web of components that make up an automobile, strut mounts might seem like humble, inconspicuous elements, often overshadowed by more high-profile parts. Yet, these unassuming pieces play a pivotal role in ensuring both the performance and safety of your vehicle.

    Strut mounts, commonly found in the suspension system of vehicles, serve as a vital connection point between the strut or shock absorber and the vehicle’s chassis. Their primary function is to provide support and stability, effectively bridging the gap between the moving suspension components and the stationary chassis. While this may seem like a minor task, the integrity of strut mounts can have far-reaching implications.

    In the following sections, we will shine a spotlight on 10 reputable strut mount manufacturers, each known for their dedication to quality and innovation. By the end of this article, you will have a clearer understanding of the pivotal role strut mounts play in your vehicle’s performance and safety, as well as the options available from these top manufacturers to ensure your ride remains smooth and secure.

    Monroe Strut Mounts

    monroe strut mount

    With a rich history dating back to 1916, Monroe has consistently delivered high-quality suspension components that have become synonymous with reliability and performance.

    Monroe’s reputation is built on a legacy of innovation and dedication to producing some of the best suspension products in the market. Over the years, they have consistently adapted to evolving automotive technologies and customer needs, cementing their position as a go-to choice for drivers worldwide.

    Monroe’s range of strut mounts reflects their commitment to excellence. These vital components are engineered with precision to meet and exceed industry standards. Monroe strut mounts are known for their durability and the ability to withstand the rigors of daily driving. They are designed to provide the necessary support and stability that your vehicle demands, ensuring optimal handling and ride comfort.

    Features of Monroe Strut Mount Products:

    • OE Quality Materials: Monroe mounting components are built from OE-grade materials that are more resistant to water, grit, sand, and other contaminants and offer the strength needed to withstand severe road shock and vibration.
    • Built To Last: The performance and durability of strut mount can be influenced by factors such as bearing design, machining quality, and the bonding of steel and rubber components. Monroe has perfected these details to guarantee that every Mounting Kit delivers outstanding performance and value.
    • 5 Years. Guaranteed: Experience peace of mind with a 5-year warranty on eligible Monroe products when you replace shocks and struts in pairs, which also includes protection and, if needed, mounting kits.

    KYB Strut Mounts

    kyb strut mount

    KYB, also known as Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd., is a prominent and highly regarded manufacturer within the automotive industry. With a legacy spanning several decades, KYB has solidified its reputation as a trusted name in the world of suspension systems and components. Their commitment to quality and innovation has made them a go-to choice for vehicle enthusiasts and automotive professionals worldwide.

    KYB strut mounts are meticulously engineered to provide unparalleled support and stability to a vehicle’s suspension system. They play a pivotal role in maintaining precise wheel alignment, ensuring that the vehicle handles various road conditions, turns, and bumps with exceptional control and comfort. A properly functioning strut mount contributes to improved handling, reduced noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH), and an overall enhanced driving experience.

    Features of KYB Strut Mount Products:

    • Reduce suspension, road noises, and vibrations
    • Mount bearings provide smoother steering and help retain front-end alignment
    • Built with design and quality that matches or exceeds OE quality

    Sachs Strut Mounts

    sachs strut mount

    Sachs, a division of ZF Friedrichshafen AG, proudly stands as one of the foremost manufacturers of automotive components on a global scale. ZF Friedrichshafen AG, with its extensive history and reputation for excellence in the automotive industry, provides Sachs with a solid foundation for innovation and reliability. Sachs’ long-standing presence in the market has solidified its status as a leading authority in automotive components, trusted by both automotive manufacturers and vehicle owners alike.

    Sachs offers a comprehensive range of strut mounts that cater to a diverse array of vehicle types, making them a versatile choice for various automotive applications. Their strut mounts are meticulously engineered to meet the stringent demands of today’s vehicles, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

    These strut mounts are designed to provide precise support and stability to a vehicle’s suspension system. Whether you drive a compact car, a rugged SUV, or a high-performance sports vehicle, Sachs’ strut mounts are crafted to match the specific requirements of your vehicle type. This compatibility ensures that your vehicle’s handling, comfort, and safety are optimized, regardless of its make or model.

    Unique Selling Points of Sachs Strut Mount Products:

    • Exceptional Quality: Sachs is synonymous with top-tier quality, ensuring that their strut mounts are built to withstand the most demanding conditions and provide long-lasting reliability.
    • Versatile Compatibility: Sachs offers a wide range of strut mounts tailored to various vehicle types, ensuring a precise fit and optimal performance for each application.
    • Precision Engineering: Sachs leverages its technical expertise to meticulously engineer strut mounts that meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring precision, safety, and durability.
    • Innovation: Sachs continually explores advanced materials and designs, staying at the forefront of suspension technology to provide state-of-the-art strut mounts.

    GDST Strut Mounts

    gdst strut mount

    GDST is a professional strut mount manufacturer with 20 years of experience. Strut Mounts, also called shock mounts, are engineered to deliver exceptional support and stability within suspension systems. These are used in automobiles to absorb shocks and can be manufactured according to different width, outer, and inner diameter options. Our strut mounts are designed to be used over a variety of vehicles and support customization.
    Inheriting the principle of “Quality First, Customers First”, GDST has gained customers’ good public with high quality, perfect service, and the products sell very well around the world.

    What makes GDST Strut Mount stand out in the automotive industry?

    • Rich Manufacturing and Sales Experience: With over 20 years of manufacturing expertise, GDST has established itself as a trusted player in the industry. Their products are exported to over 80 countries worldwide, reflecting their global reach and extensive experience.
    • Extensive Model Coverage: GDST’s product range boasts a comprehensive coverage of 95% of Japanese, Korean, European, and American vehicle models. This wide array of offerings ensures that GDST provides solutions for a diverse range of vehicles.
    • High-Quality Raw Materials: GDST places a premium on the quality of raw materials used in their strut mounts. They meticulously select materials that meet stringent standards, ensuring the durability, reliability, and performance of their products.
    • Customization Support: GDST recognizes that different customers have unique needs and branding requirements. Therefore, they offer customizable packaging options and the option to imprint logos on their products. This flexibility allows their clients to have a personalized touch on the products they offer.
    • Affordability: Despite their exceptional quality, GDST Strut Mounts remain competitively priced, making them accessible to a wide range of customers.
    • Comprehensive After-Sales Service and 1-Year Warranty: GDST is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer support. They provide a comprehensive after-sales service to address any inquiries or issues promptly. Additionally, GDST’s commitment to quality is evident in their 1-year warranty, which instills confidence in the reliability of their strut mounts.

    Gabriel Strut Mounts

    gabriel strut mount

    Gabriel is a well-respected name in the suspension industry, known for its dedication to providing high-quality suspension components that enhance the driving experience. With a history spanning many decades, Gabriel has earned its reputation as a trusted and reliable manufacturer of suspension solutions, catering to a diverse range of vehicles and driving needs.

    Gabriel offers a diverse range of strut mounts, each meticulously designed to meet specific vehicle requirements and driving conditions. These strut mounts play a crucial role in bridging the connection between a vehicle’s suspension components and its chassis, ensuring stability, control, and comfort. Gabriel’s strut mounts are versatile and suitable for various applications, including:

    • Passenger Cars: Gabriel’s strut mounts are engineered to enhance the ride quality and handling of passenger cars, ensuring smooth and comfortable journeys for daily commuting and long-distance travel.
    • SUVs and Crossovers: Gabriel’s strut mounts are designed to withstand the demands of SUVs and crossovers, providing the necessary support and stability for these larger and often heavier vehicles.
    • Trucks and Vans: Gabriel’s heavy-duty strut mounts cater to the unique requirements of trucks and vans, delivering reliable performance even in challenging load-carrying situations.
    • Performance Vehicles: For enthusiasts seeking precision handling and performance, Gabriel offers specialized strut mounts that contribute to improved control and responsiveness.
    • Off-Road Vehicles: Gabriel’s strut mounts are also adapted for off-road applications, where durability and reliability are essential for tackling rugged terrains.

    Advantages of Gabriel Strut Mount Products:

    • Durability: Many customers highlight the longevity and robustness of Gabriel’s strut mounts, even under challenging driving conditions.
    • Enhanced Comfort: Gabriel’s strut mounts contribute to a smoother and more comfortable ride, reducing noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH).
    • Improved Handling: Enthusiastic drivers commend Gabriel’s strut mounts for their ability to enhance vehicle handling, especially in curves and turns.
    • Award Recognition: Gabriel has received awards and recognition for its dedication to quality and innovation, demonstrating its commitment to producing suspension components that meet and exceed industry standards.

    Moog Strut Mounts

    moog strut mount

    MOOG, a division of Federal-Mogul Motorparts, stands as a stalwart in the automotive industry, renowned for its unwavering commitment to producing high-quality auto parts. With a history rooted in precision engineering, MOOG has earned a reputation as a trusted and reliable source of automotive components. Their dedication to crafting top-tier parts has made them a preferred choice among professionals and vehicle enthusiasts alike.

    MOOG is not just a manufacturer of quality auto parts; they also provide a range of aftermarket solutions to meet the diverse needs of vehicle owners. Whether you’re seeking replacement parts for routine maintenance or upgrades to enhance your vehicle’s performance, MOOG offers a comprehensive lineup of aftermarket components. These solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with various vehicle makes and models, making it easier for vehicle owners and mechanics to find the right parts for their specific needs.

    Advantages of Moog Strut Mount Products:

    • Durability: Moog strut mounts are built to last, with a focus on long-lasting performance even under challenging driving conditions.
    • Precision Engineering: These mounts are meticulously designed and manufactured with precision, ensuring a precise fit and reliable performance.
    • Compatibility: Moog offers a wide range of strut mounts tailored to various vehicle makes and models, ensuring a precise fit and optimal performance.
    • Reduced Maintenance: Moog strut mounts’ durability translates into reduced maintenance costs and peace of mind for vehicle owners.
    • Aftermarket Solutions: Moog provides a comprehensive lineup of aftermarket strut mounts and other suspension components, making it easy for customers to find the right parts for their specific needs.

    Mevotech Strut Mounts

    mevotech strut mount

    Mevotech has firmly established itself as a leading name in the automotive industry, driven by an unwavering commitment to delivering reliable suspension components. With a track record of excellence, Mevotech has earned a reputation as a trusted source of suspension solutions that enhance vehicle performance, safety, and durability.

    Mevotech’s extensive range of strut mounts exemplifies their dedication to quality and versatility. These strut mounts are meticulously engineered to provide robust support and stability to a vehicle’s suspension system. What sets Mevotech apart is their dedication to compatibility, ensuring that their strut mounts seamlessly integrate with a wide array of vehicle makes and models.

    Mevotech’s strut mounts are designed to cater to various automotive applications, from compact cars to SUVs and trucks. This compatibility ensures that vehicle owners and mechanics can easily find the right strut mounts to match their specific needs, making the replacement process smoother and more efficient.

    Features of Mevotech Strut Mount Products:

    • Reduced NVH: Mevotech focuses on minimizing Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH), resulting in a quieter and more comfortable ride for drivers and passengers.
    • Enhanced Handling: Mevotech strut mounts contribute to improved vehicle handling, providing better control, especially during turns and maneuvers.
    • Wide Compatibility: Mevotech offers a comprehensive lineup of strut mounts tailored to various vehicle applications, including passenger cars, SUVs, trucks, and more.
    • Quality Materials: Mevotech uses high-quality materials and precision engineering to create strut mounts that meet and exceed industry standards for performance and reliability.
    • Certified Quality: Mevotech adheres to industry certifications and quality standards, such as ISO 9001, to ensure consistent quality in their products and manufacturing processes.

    Bilstein Strut Mounts

    bilstein strut mount

    Bilstein, a subsidiary of ThyssenKrupp Bilstein of America, stands as a renowned specialist in high-performance suspension systems. With an impressive heritage rooted in precision engineering and a legacy of motorsport success, Bilstein has earned its reputation as a leading authority in suspension technology and innovation.

    Bilstein’s strut mount offerings are tailored to meet the unique demands of high-performance vehicles. These strut mounts are not your average suspension components; they are designed to excel in the world of precision driving, where control, responsiveness, and performance are paramount.

    What sets Bilstein Strut Mount apart?

    • Performance Focus: Bilstein Strut Mounts are designed with a primary focus on high-performance driving. They are engineered to enhance handling, control, and responsiveness, making them ideal for enthusiasts and performance-oriented drivers.
    • Precision Engineering: Bilstein applies precision engineering techniques to ensure that their strut mounts meet the demanding standards of performance vehicles. Each component is meticulously crafted for optimal fit and function.
    • Durability: Bilstein’s commitment to durability means that their strut mounts can withstand the rigorous demands of high-speed driving, tight cornering, and other intense conditions often encountered in performance scenarios.
    • Advanced Materials: These strut mounts are constructed using advanced materials that are not only durable but also capable of maintaining performance under extreme temperatures and stresses.

    Delphi Strut Mounts

    delphi strut mount

    Delphi Corporation is a global leader in providing advanced automotive technology and solutions. With a history spanning over a century, Delphi has established itself as a trusted and innovative partner for the automotive industry. The company is dedicated to developing cutting-edge technologies and high-quality automotive components that improve vehicle performance, safety, and efficiency.

    Delphi Strut Mount Products:

    Delphi manufactures a wide range of suspension components, including strut mounts, that are designed to meet the rigorous demands of today’s vehicles. Their strut mounts play a critical role in the suspension system, connecting the strut or shock absorber to the vehicle’s chassis.

    Here are some key features of Delphi Strut Mount products:

    • Precision Engineering: Delphi strut mounts are meticulously engineered to provide a precise fit and reliable performance. Their designs take into account various vehicle makes and models to ensure compatibility.
    • Durability: Delphi places a strong emphasis on durability, ensuring that their strut mounts can withstand the challenges of daily driving and adverse road conditions, ultimately contributing to a longer service life.
    • Reduced NVH: Delphi strut mounts are designed to minimize Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH), enhancing ride comfort by reducing unwanted noise and vibrations.
    • Quality Materials: Delphi uses high-quality materials and manufacturing processes that adhere to strict quality control standards, resulting in strut mounts that meet or exceed industry requirements.

    Mchanix Strut Mounts

    mchanix strut mount

    Megacell International Co., Ltd holds the esteemed position of being Thailand’s foremost exporter-focused supplier of automotive rubber parts. Their flagship brand, Mchanix™, represents a premium line of aftermarket REM and OES automotive rubber components that have garnered acclaim across the globe.

    Under the guidance of a dedicated Australian top-management team and supported by local staff, the company draws upon extensive industry experience, cutting-edge manufacturing and logistics facilities, and economies of scale to consistently provide high-quality components at competitive prices to their esteemed clientele.

    Features of Mchanix Strut Mount Products:

    • Exceptional Quality: Mchanix Strut Mounts are synonymous with uncompromising quality, manufactured to the highest standards for durability and performance.
    • Diverse Product Range: Mchanix offers a comprehensive selection of strut mounts along with a wide range of automotive rubber parts, providing a one-stop solution for suspension component needs.
    • State-of-the-Art Facilities: The company utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing and logistics facilities to consistently deliver premium quality parts.
    • Global Presence: With a presence in over 25 countries, Mchanix has established a global reputation for quality and reliability.

    In the world of automotive suspension, the choice of strut mount manufacturer plays a crucial role in ensuring the performance, safety, and comfort of your vehicle. Each of these ten manufacturers we’ve explored brings its own unique strengths and qualities to the table, catering to a diverse range of needs and preferences.

    Whether you’re an automotive distributor, a repair shop, or a vehicle owner, we invite you to reach out to us for any further inquiries or assistance you may require. Our team is here to help you make informed decisions and find the perfect strut mount solution for your specific needs.

    Contact us today, and let’s drive towards a smoother and safer journey together. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to being your trusted partner in the world of suspension components.

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