How Much Does It Cost to Replace Shock Absorbers?

When you consider replacing your shocks, the first question that likely comes to mind is: will it be expensive? How much does it cost to replace shock absorbers? Replacing shock absorbers typically costs between $160 and $500 per pc, which includes both shock absorbers and labor, depending on your vehicle’s type and your location. Let’s […]

Shock Absorber Leaking: Causes and Solutions

As an important part of the suspension system, shock absorbers improve driving stability and ride comfort. However, shock absorber leaking has become a common and unnoticeable problem over time. In this article, we will explore the causes and solutions of shock absorber leaking to help you better understand. Internal Factors of Shock Absorber Leaking 1. […]

Top 10 Steering Rack Manufacturers in 2024

steering rack manufacturers

Finding reliable steering rack manufacturers online is difficult because you can’t easily tell who is really good. Unless you can look up information about each manufacturer, it’s hard to determine which one you can trust just by looking at their website or online store. If you don’t want to get ripped off and want to […]

Steering Rack Problems

When you drive a car, whether you’re making a left turn, a right turn, or a U-turn, these maneuvers are controlled by a key component – the steering rack. The steering rack translates your steering maneuvers into turning the wheels, allowing the vehicle to steer as you intend. It is an integral part of your […]

What Are the Top 10 Shock Absorber manufacturers in the World?

gdst shock absorber manufacturer

The shock absorber is a key component in the automobile suspension system. Its main function is to reduce the discomfort of bumps when you encounter uneven roads while driving. It converts the energy of vehicle vibration into heat energy through the damping effect of oil or gas, preventing the energy from being directly transferred to […]

What Are the Top 10 Shock Absorber Manufacturers in China?

gdst shock absorber manufacturer

Did you know that China’s automotive industry has been the largest in the world since 2008? China’s annual unit production of automobile units exceeded that of the European Union, Japan, and the United States combined. And as a key component of automobiles, the quality of shock absorbers is crucial. In this article, we recommend 10 […]

What is a Strut Mount? Symptoms, Replacement Cost, and More

what is strut mount

When you do the maintenance for your vehicle, it’s important to know the parts of your car’s suspension system. One of them is strut mount. So what is a strut mount? Why is it important for your vehicle?In this article, we will talk about strut mount, including its function, the common symptoms of failure, the […]

Top 10 Shock Strut Mount Manufacturers in China 2024

shock strut mount manufacturer

Choosing the right shock strut mounts is crucial for the stability and performance of your vehicle. With high-quality mounts, you can not only enjoy a smooth driving experience but also extend the life of your suspension system. In this article, we’ll introduce the top 10 shock strut mount manufacturers in China. They are well-known for […]

Top 10 Suspension Bushing Manufacturers in 2024

suspension bushing manufacturer

Suspension bushings are crucial for maintaining your vehicle’s handling and comfort. They play a significant role in your car’s performance, affecting ride smoothness and alignment. So, it is important to choose a reliable bushing manufacturer to guarantee durability and functionality. The top suspension bushing manufacturers in 2024 are GDST Auto Parts, Teknorot, Prothane, B&B Manufacturing, […]

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