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GDST is a professional and well-recognized Shock Absorber Manufacturer in China with 20 years of rich experience in producing Shock Absorbers and Struts

Our shock absorbers are mostly exported to South America, North America, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, covering more than 50 countries and we continue to expand in the automotive trading market.

Experienced R&D, OEM/ODM, Quality Assurance, Technical Consultation, Fast and Reliable Delivery, and After-Sales Services Meet your various requirements for Shock Absobrers.

shock absorber 334138 for toyota

for Toyota 334138

shock absorber 334363 for nissan

for Nissan 334363

553308 for mazda

for Mazda 553308

333459 for mitsubishi

for Mitsubishi 333459

344422 for isuzu

for Isuzu 344422

332154 for suzuki

for Suzuki 332154

48500 3590 for hino

for Hino 48500-3590

332118 for daihatsu

for Daihatsu 332118

344353 for honda

for Honda 344353

344310 for daewoo

for Daewoo 344310

54651 08100 for hyundai

for Hyundai 54651-08100

332042 for kia

for Kia 332042

191513033 for vw

for VW 191513033

1j0413031 for audi

for Audi 1J0413031

37161 for jeep

for Jeep 37161

37161 for ford

for Ford 37161

333417 for chevrolet

for chevrolet 333417

3340063 for volvo

for Volvo 3340063

3448007 for renault

for Renault 3448007

335090 for lexus

for Lexus 335090

52018042 for alfa

for Alfa 52018042

3348091 for opel

for Opel 3348091

39106 for gmc

for GMC 39106

339252 for dodge

for Dodge 339252

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one year/30000kms

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40-45 days on time

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